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About Detroit Recovery Project

The Detroit Recovery Project

Whether you have completed treatment at a residential treatment center program or have never been to a drug rehab program before, our recovery support program serves as the next forward step. If you‘re ready to learn how to live a sober, responsible, committed life full of promise and fun, we‘re here to help you.

Our Mission

DRP is a private non-profit corporation dedicated to supporting recovery which strengthens, rebuilds, and empowers individuals, families and communities who are experiencing co-occurring mental illness, and substance use disorders. This is accomplished by ensuring access to integrated networks of effective and culturally competent holistic health services.

Our History

The Detroit Recovery Project Coalition evolved from the creation of the Detroit Recovery Project, Inc. and its birth was catalyzed by the concern of recovery-parents who wanted to ensure that their children did not engage in substance abuse as they once did.

Once the foundation was prepared, Andre Johnson began to seek partnership from various stakeholders in the city of Detroit that previously had a relationship with the Detroit Recovery Project, Inc. Today, the Detroit Recovery Project Coalition is comprised of a variety of state, local, and community level agencies; and individuals that have a passion and commitment to keeping the city of Detroit youth drug free.

We Help You Transform Your Life!

Here at our recovery support and recovery management center you will learn how to find the power and the strength within yourself. You’ll learn to become proud to be a wholesome again. To observe the power you can generate within yourself through our counseling and proper nutritional process. To help you feel the burden of guilt leaving your mind caused by things you have done in the past that are causing you to destroy yourself today. You’ll learn how to take charge of your life and create a future of respect and life’s abundance.

The Detroit Recovery Project Incorporated (DRP) strengthens, rebuilds, and empowers communities affected by drug and alcohol addiction and other under-served populations. DRP supports individuals in identifying and resolving barriers to achieving a healthy and productive drug-free lifestyle.

The DRP provides innovative, peer-to peer support services to individuals exiting substance abuse treatment, individuals in long-term recovery, their families and significant others. The entire Detroit area is eligible to become a part of the DRP family.

Recovery Support is provided through Mentorship opportunities, Daily Support Groups, 12-Step Meetings, Learning Circles and Meditation/Spirituality.

Social Support is provided through offering various Safe & Sober Activities (Poetry Jams, Karaoke, Annual Marches and Rally’s). Additionally, the DRP has formed both bowling and basketball leagues.

Weekly Recovery Management Workshops are offered at the DRP Welcome Center as well as the Department of Health & Wellness Promotion. By being active in DRP & other Recovery events, the individual is actively participating in their own relapse prevention!

Life Skills, GED Preparation, Employment Readiness and Health Education workshops are offered at the DRP Welcome Center on a weekly basis.

Housing Assistance is also provided to individuals who participate in the Recovery Management Program.

Board Members

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